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5 ways your lawn helps protect our planet

A well-maintained lawn benefits your garden with lush growth, pest control, and of course a pleasing appearance. But it can also be beneficial for the planet!

Here’s how:

1. Better air quality

50 square feet of a healthy lawn can provide enough oxygen for a family of four! Through the process of photosynthesis, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the environment and converts it to pure fresh air. 

2. Reduced air and noise pollution

A lawn decrease noise levels by deflecting sound amongst the grass blades. It also reduces air pollution by trapping dust and other dangerous pollutants that are otherwise released into the atmosphere. 

3. Cools the air

During the summer, a healthy and green lawn acts as a natural air cooler that is even more effective than the shade from a tree. The evaporative cooling effect reduces the air temperature around the home, which in turn saves on the need for energy consumption. 

4. Improves Water Quality  

The water filtered through a layer of soil and grassroots is of better quality, as the soil removes pollutants and other harmful sediments from the water. If the grass is strong, it will reduce the acidity in the groundwater. This eventually results in healthy clean water being returned to our lakes and waterways.  

5. Improves Soil Quality

A healthy lawn with dense and deep-rooted grass can prevent soil erosion. When it rains, the grass obstructs the raindrops before they trickle down the soil to cause erosion. Also, if the roots are healthy, they hold the soil firmly during strong winds. Better quality soil ensures better water infiltration.

So, a beautiful green lawn not only beautifies your home but is great for Mother Earth. For expert lawn and garden care, contact your nearest Top Cut gardener now!

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