Artificial Grass Installation

Don’t Let the Grass Grow Under Your Square Feet!

You’d love a patch of green, but are leaning towards artificial grass installation over a real lawn. You’re concerned about environmental impact: maintaining a real lush lawn means high water usage, petrol exhaust from mowing, and sheer noise pollution. Perhaps you prefer the low maintenance alternative that is drought-resistant and has a perennially green look without the need for lawn feed. Or you’re simply after avoiding grass stains and muddy paw prints all over your parquet flooring and expensive upholstery! Whatever your reasons, you’re right – fake grass is a very good solution.

We’ll be honest… maintaining it is a breeze, whereas installing artificial grass is anything but! Overlooking one step or omitting one detail in the complex sequence can have costly consequences: failing to strip the area of organic matter completely while prepping may cause turf to sag on a rotten bed, or insufficient butting of turf mats may lead to ugly gaps in the lawn with changing weather.

Your time is valuable, we understand that. That’s why we take on the hard yakka, so you don’t have to. Leave it to the professionals at Top Cut, and we’ll give you an artificial lawn so beautifully laid, you’ll have people asking, “Is it for real?”

Faux Better or Faux Worse?

Synthetic grass could be just the right touch to give your property an elegant, manicured look. Mind you, choosing the right artificial turf is critical: when installed to Top Cut’s high standards, a quality product makes for a lawn lasting 15 years or more. With poor raw materials, however, even a well-installed lawn can grow faded and flat, or bumpy and misshapen over time.

The following are the types of artificial grass that we supply and install.

  Product Pile Height (mm) Density (tufts/sqm) Gauge (inch) Stitch Rate
Dtex (g/10000m)
Joy 35 13650 3/8 130 7500
Spring 40 16800 3/8 160 7800
Tough 40 16800 3/8 160 12000
Prime 40 16800 3/8 160 12000
Brilliant 40 16800 3/8 160 11000

So how do I know which fake grass to choose?

When buying synthetic turf, many people are swayed by appearance, going for green, lush-looking rolls. Or, having read that pile height is important, people think that, just so long as pile height is about the “magic number” 40mm, she’ll be right. There are five important features to consider when selecting artificial grass:

Fibre Material: The best quality fibres use a polyethylene-nylon blend, combining a plush feel with greater strength and heat resistance. If blended fibres are beyond your budget, choose polyethylene over polypropylene.

Backing Quality & Porosity: A strong backing mat is the backbone of durable synthetic turf rolls. Cheaper products often compromise on backing by having a thinner polypropylene ‘primary’ layer or an inadequate ‘secondary’ layer. Additionally, more perforations mean greater porosity, allowing better rainwater drainage.

Pile Density: The closer together fibres are stitched together onto the backing mat, the stronger and more lasting the fake grass. Look at the gauge – the thin ‘lines’ running along the underside of the turf roll: Closer lines mean greater density and therefore, better quality.

Pile Height: The most talked-about aspect of artificial turf is important, we agree. A short pile (height less than 20mm) is less convincing-looking and not as comfortable underfoot, while very high piles with fibres over – you guessed it – 40mm long tend to bend under their own weight, flattening the lawn.

Micron Thickness: The thickness of individual strands of synthetic turf fibre is measured in microns (one-millionth of a metre). Thicker fibres last better, but it’s important to assess the overall thickness, not just how thick the “nerve” or core is: a thicker core with flimsy wings will be less resilient than a thinner core with tapered wings.

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