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Autumn Gardening

With the weather a little cooler and the sun still warm, the garden is an ideal place to be in, so autumn-clean and tidy up. Spend some time on your borders and hedges, remove weeds, which thrive in the ideal conditions of autumn, and clear your garden. Fertilising in autumn means you will have strong plants over the warmer months. Check your soil type with your Top Cut Lawn Mowing gardener who will advise you on the type of fertiliser your garden needs.

The best thing about autumn is the colours on the trees in your garden or surrounding streetscape. However, this beautiful sight has a way of affecting your well-manicured lawn when the red, yellow and orange find their way to the ground and on to your paths, grass and gutters. Top Cut Lawn Mowing’s professional gardeners know this only too well when working in suburbs with deciduous trees. They can rake this trip hazard away for you and dispose of it as regularly as it needs to be. You know also only too well how the fallen leaves can pile up throughout autumn and harbour insects and other vermin hiding in the layers of wet leaf. If you are thrifty, you can use these leaves as mulch for your garden beds. Mulching will help aerate your soil also which will help rejuvenation of tired garden patches.

Plan your winter and spring colours and make some space for those trees you have been wanting to order as they will soon start arriving at garden centres. Now is the time to order your bare root stock and any rare species of fruit trees from specialist nurseries so they arrive in time for winter planting which your Top Cut Lawn Mowing gardener can help you with.

When choosing which vegies, annuals or perennials to plant in autumn, be guided with what is available at nurseries. You would hardly go wrong, but first clean up all your spent summer vegetables and fruit, plant debris and any old and unwanted growth before planting anything new. It’s the same with spring-flowering bulbs and winter flowering annuals which can be potted, or planted in clumps for a spectacular show of colour in spring. There are many new varieties of the old favourites and healthier strains that promise much greater success and value for money with small seedlings and plants.

Enjoy gardening in autumn and share some tips and tricks with your Top Cut Lawn Mowing gardener as you team up to get your garden ready for the cooler months and then the warmer days ahead.


Don't forget, we at Top Cut are always here to assist with your gardening needs