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Benefit Of Getting Your Lawns Cut Regularly

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve done! Top Cut Lawn Mowing Frankston has your needs covered no matter what they might be. We have taken large areas and transformed them into a place where neighbourhood kids could actually play and have made the area safer, and more visually appealing. One may think that it doesn’t pay to have a trimmed and mowed yard or large area, but we are here to help you change your mind.

There are many reasons you shouldn’t let your yard or open space become a jungle.

Obviously it’s aesthetically pleasing to see a well cared for lawn or space. It helps with the glare of reflected light and it helps to show others that you care about your space and your home. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As it turns out- mowing the lawn and keeping it trimmed. A lawn that is trimmed regularly is much healthier and heartier than those lawns that go further between mowings. Most people don’t realize that the condition of their lawn may have a link to the condition of their health. Crazy, right?

If you mow the lawn the correct way (like those of us at Top Cut Lawn Mowing do), not only will you keep your yard beautiful and pristine, but regular mowing also stimulates the lawn to grow and when the lawn is happy, it’s healthy and lush. Most people have realized though that it takes work to keep the lawn looking awesome. It can’t be cut just any which way or on any day. The lawn needs to be maintained on its schedule and not yours. It’s a total inconvenience. That’s another reason you may want to consider a service like the ones Top Cut Lawn Mowing provides. Let us take the stress and hassle out of maintaining your yard so that you can spend your precious time doing something else that matters more to you.

Some other reasons to consider mowing down large spaces like the ones we showed you is value- value for your home, your property and your neighbourhood. Appraisers that appraise homes and properties often state that a well-maintained lawn and yard adds an additional 7% to the value of the property. Our friends over at Gallup Surveys state that a well-landscaped yard on a home can bring in an additional 15% increase in the selling price of their home when they sell.  That’s a big deal.

Another feature that most people don’t realize about their lawn is the cooling effect it has. On a hot day, the grass is actually about 10 to 14 degrees cooler than exposed soil and as much as 30 degrees cooler than asphalt or concrete. Also, if you take an average size block of about 8-10 homes, the cooling effect from their lawns in the front yard is about 70 tons of air conditioning; which is enough to cool an average of 16 homes.

Air quality is another way your yard may play into your health. Most people don’t realize that their lawn is like a huge sponge that spends all day absorbing all the things you don’t want your family to. Such as dust, carbon dioxide, soot, dander and pollen, which is a plus for those with allergies. A 50’ x 50’ large space of grass that is mowed and well maintained will actually produce enough oxygen for a family of 4, all day, every day.

Water quality is another benefit of a well-maintained lawn. Thick, lush lawns slow the velocity of water runoff and allow the water to penetrate a full 15 times better than a lawn that is full of weeds and patchy. Well-maintained lawns also absorb rainfall about 6 times better and more effectively than farm fields. Once this moisture is absorbed, the lawn returns the moisture to the water table and then everyone uses the water. It’s a fantastic natural system that will only work if the lawn is in good shape and well maintained.

The soil quality of a healthy lawn can’t be beaten and your lawn also reduces noise better than a heavy carpet. These are just a few of the reasons you will want to call Top Cut Lawn Mowing. We know the value of having a healthy lawn and we are committed to helping you with yours. To be honest, we’re also a little motivated to make sure you have the best lawn in the neighbourhood – you know, the kind of lawn your neighbours are envious of.  Call us today; we will take care of everything. You will not be disappointed.

Don't forget, we at Top Cut are always here to assist with your gardening needs