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Creating an Edible Garden for Spring and Summer

As we head towards the end of Winter and towards Spring and Summer, its time to think about planting. In August, the sky is still often overcast and the garden soil quite damp and dark which does not make it ideal for planting. However, now is the right time to plan for the coming change in season.

To get your garden ready for planting, you can start laying the groundwork now. Start by exposing some of the darker, deeper soil underneath to the sun to make the soil warmer and more conducive to plant growing and flourishing.

If you are considering an edible garden, choose what types of veggies or fruit trees you would like to see in your garden and start planning now. Depending on what you choose to grow, you will need to lay the foundation for the plant to thrive by preparing the garden now so it will flourish when the seasons change.

For instance, let’s take Tomatoes and what kind of preparation you might need to see these grow well in your garden. Tomatoes benefit from adding a dynamic lifter, compost and straw mulch before planting in September. To grow Capsicum, Eggplant and Tomatoes you can consider a mini-greenhouse or a hothouse to start planting as they need warm conditions to thrive. Other good Vegetables you can consider are Cabbage, Asian greens like Pak choi, Lettuce, Spring onions, Spinach, Parsley etc.

If you already have fruit trees, now is a good time after pruning, to prepare them for the spring growth spurt. Just apply some aged manure or dust them with potash to assist them with healthy fruit production. Also, you can spray them now with a fungicide like Bordeaux, before the leaf buds burst to prevent leaf curl on your stone fruit trees like peaches, plums and nectarines.

August is also a good time to buy bare-root fruit trees like apples, pears, peaches, cherries and nectarines for planting in your garden. Prepare them the same way as you do with the seedlings by fertilizing, mulching and regular watering of the soil. Following these basic principles for planting will result in a healthy edible garden – one that will bear forth abundant fruit and veggies so you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of your hard work in spring and summer.

Some tips for creating a healthy edible garden :

  • Plant in full sun
  • Ensure the soil has a high content of organic matter
  • Regularly water your garden after turning over the soil and planting
  • Some crops may need a seasonal dose of a complete organic fertilizer and monthly liquid feeds
  • Consider a mini-greenhouse or a hot garden bed for planting veggies that need warmer conditions to thrive

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