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Don’t Let This Happen To Your Garden!

Here at Top Cut Lawn Mowing, we know firsthand how busy people’s lives can get. We understand that the last thing you want to do when you come home from work is hard labour in your garden- especially if you’re in a rented property and the garden isn’t even yours. You don’t want to let down your landlord, and you keep telling yourself you will get around to it, but it doesn’t happen. One morning you wake up and look out your window, only to realise the garden has become completely overgrown with grass and weeds! What can you do now?

The visual eyesore of overgrown grass is not just for you to bear- it is one of the surest ways to get your neighbours offside. Neighbour complaints to your local council do happen, as they are understandably concerned for the way the lawn makes the street and area look to passers-by. If left for too long the grass can go to seed, and just like that, your grass looks like weeds! It isn’t just the visual eyesore that is the issue with overgrown grass. The health of your lawn substantially suffers, and the garden maintenance becomes a more difficult job the longer you leave it. Top Cut Lawn Mowing recommends that for a healthy lawn you cut one-third of the length of the grass, otherwise your lawn is at risk of slow root growth and weak grass. What is wrong with weak grass? Well it makes a lovely home for pests, disease and weeds. You can say hello to those mosquitos and vermin, and potentially say goodbye to your home as your lawn is a significant fire hazard.

Landlords: Top Cut Lawn Mowing understands that unfortunately, not all tenants will look after the property’s lawn to the standard you would expect. We also understand that once your tenant leaves, you need to have your rental property looking presentable as quickly as possible and with the least amount of fuss.

Spending days, or even weeks trying to recover the lawn to a suitable standard, not only wastes time but also money. Time that your rental property will not be on the competitive market and therefore money you are not receiving in rent.

The best option for you is to employ a regular gardening service just like Top Cut Lawn Mowing to tend to your tenant-occupied home so you can rest assured the lawn is being well maintained throughout its rental period.

Why Top Cut Lawn Mowing? Those of us here at Top Cut Lawn Mowing are experienced in regular lawn mowing services, overgrown grass, weeds, pruning, hedges, small trees and complete garden clean-ups. As you can see in the before and after photos of a rented property above, we know exactly how to service your lawn. Using professionalism, expert care, and extra attention to detail, we always tend to each and every lawn so that it is presentable and in its best condition.

While Top Cut Lawn Mowing is more than happy to complete a lawn overhaul such as this- we want to prevent this from happening in the first place by regularly servicing your lawn and garden. This particular overhaul took a full day with two employees working on the lawn and taking the overgrown grass to the tip. The cost to the owner was hundreds of dollars. This is preventable for you with regular servicing from just $50-$60.