Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost for an average house, where the lawns, nature strip, front and rear lawns, have been maintained and the grass is under control is $50 – $60.

The average cost for an average unit where the lawns have been maintained as above is $40 – $50.

If the lawns or edges have not been maintained and are overgrown then there will be a higher cost depending on how overgrown these are.

If your lawns are overgrown then the cost is higher due to the extra effort and wear and tear on the equipment to bring them under control. For these and special conditions a visual inspection and quote may be necessary for the work to be done.

As a guide the following may help in giving you an idea of the costing:-

If the grass/edges are ankle height to mid calf for an average house, the cost may be between  $80 and $150, while for a unit this may be between  $70 and $120.

Should the grass/edges be above calf height to around knee height then the cost for an average house will be between $100 and $180 and for a unit $100 – $150.

Should the grass/edges be above knee height then the cost will usually be $200 plus depending on the nature of the overgrowth and the terrain.

The above prices include the disposal of the clippings into your green waste bin.

If you don’t have a green waste bin the we can remove the clippings for an average cost of $10 per bag. An average place may require 1 to 2 bags.

Ongoing lawn maintenence for an average house is $50 – $60 providing the frequency of cut allows for the lawns to be maintained under control.

The ongoing cost for maintaining a unit’s lawns and edges is $40 – $50 again providing the frequency of cut allows the lawns/edges to be maintained under control.

Different types of lawns/grasses, locations, topographical conditions and environmental factors cause grass to grow at quite different rates. This changes with both seasons and weather conditions.

As a guide the following may help:-

In the growing seasons/conditions, say during Spring and early Summer the average time between cuts is 3 weeks.

In the drier months of the hot periods of Summer, this may require a frequency of 3 – 5 weeks. 

In the cold and wet months of Winter the average cut frequency may be 6 or even 7 weeks. However often in this cooler and wet periods different types of grass, collectively termed Winter grass may shoot through, thereby requiring a more frequent cut pattern. 

Your Top Cut Team Member will guide you as to the best frequency to maintain control of your lawns.

We are always happy to help you with your lawnmowing needs. Just give us a little notice and we will be there to help.

Usually this is at the maintained Lawnmowing cost of either $50 – $60 for an aversge house or $40 – $50 for an average unit.

All of our Top Cut Team are happy to help with weed control needs. 

We can assist by applying a suitable weed control agent or combination to remove any weeds. 

We can also help by physical weeding of areas of your property.

Both poisoning and weeding are at additional cost and will vary depending on type, volume and nature of weeds. As a guide the average cost will be around $80 per hour but may vary due to the above.

Our Top Cut Team only use the best available equipment, not the average domestic equipment. This equipment requires frequent servicing and sharpening to give you the best result.

In addition you are paying for our time, travel, expertise and equipment usage in getting the job performed to the best of our ability and your required standard.

Our minimum charge for work done on your property is $40.

Our Top Cut Team are happy to help maintain your garden to the best standard. We are equipped to handle most work within the garden to achieve this result however we do not always carry all equipment with us nor do we always have free time available.

If you have or think you have additional work requirements on your property please give us a little advance notice so we can:

a. Bring all necessary equipment

b. Allocate the required time to get the job completed to your standards.

c. Give your an accurate quote on what the job will cost and how much time it should take.

d. Book a time with you that suits both parties so you are not inconvenienced.

e. For really large jobs we may require additional Team Members to complete the tasks for you.  We can plan ahead to have additional resources available when the job is to be done.

All of our Top Cut Team are equipped and insured to prune or trim trees and shrubs. 

As a rule we can handle most trees, shrubs or hedges under 4 metres in height however:

a. If your trees are higher than 4 metres then you may require the services of a Tree Doctor or Arborist.

b. If your trees are near power lines, security services or equipment then you may also require the services of a Tree Doctor or Arborist or someone licensed/insured to work around such structures.

The average cost for pruning of hedges under 4 metres in height is $160 per hour ( for 2 people). Large hedges may require 2 Top Cut Team members to complete the task.

Smaller trees and shrubs to be trimmed or pruned may be done at a lesser cost based around the hourly rate of $80.

All Top Cut Team members are insured for property damage and public liability.

Smaller damage may be just covered in discussions with the respective Team Member.

Remember you also have a responsibilty for your property and damage incurred by people coming into or past your property. It is also your responsibility to ensure your property is clear of debris, items or equipment that may cause damage to persons or property. 

We take every opportunity to work together with you to ensure the work area is clear of danger before commencing the job function.

Remember you have a responsibilty for the health and well-being of all people coming onto your property. This includes trades people, contractors and trades people performing work on your property.

People can catch various diseases from pet faeces especially if it is powdered or airborne.  This may be the case if pet faeces is hit by mower or whipper snipper. In anyway it is not pleasant for anyone to be splattered by flying pet doo.

It is preferred that the area to be worked is clean but as a last resort our Top Cut Team may be happy to help you clear the area prior to commencing work. This will be at additional cost based on the rate of $80 per hour with the waste to go into your general household waste bin.

Our pricing at Top Cut Lawnmowing is consistent across our business. A maintained house lawn averages $50 – $60 and a unit averages $40 – $50.

Most quotation requests will fall into these standard price groups with charges for overgrown lawns coming in within the aforementioned price groupings.

We will provide a quotation for extraordinary/large jobs. However allow minimum of 48 hours for inspection and formation of these quotes.

Our Top Cut Team have a register of regular customers with agreed routine Lawnmowing rosters to be managed each day/week. These are confirmed and booked in advance.

We are always happy to help with additional tasks but each one of us may not be able to drop everything to help you immediately. 

It is preferable that you provide sufficient timing notice to have your jobs completed. 

However across Top Cut Lawnmowing we work together as a group and help one another to look after our customers.

Should you have a job to be done on short notice and we are unable to complete it as you require we will direct/provide contact details for other Top Cut Team Members who may be able to help.

No our prices are standard for our proven level of service. We will not undercut or price match a cheaper service.

We provide a standard of service for which you pay a standard price. We only use the best equipment available and our training and systems are consistent across the business. You get what you pay for and we will not give you less for less.