What makes Top Cut the perfect gardening franchise?

Choosing the right franchise plays an important role when it comes to elevating the business to the next level. When choosing a gardening/lawn mowing franchise, one can never go wrong with Top Cut.

Top Cut is one of the best professional gardening and lawn mowing service providers. The company boasts an impressive customer base who regularly choose Top Cut for all gardening services. Top Cut comprises numerous gardeners who have bought the franchise and successfully expanded their business.

Top Cut is not only cheaper than other franchises, but it also comes with massive savings. For instance, to help you get started, during the first two years, there is no franchise fee! Thereafter, it is less than $55 per week which even includes advertising costs.

Unlike other lawn mowing franchises, with Top Cut, the customer speaks directly with a gardener rather than being routed through a call centre. This enables unlimited earning potential for a gardener, who doesn’t have to worry about work opportunities being diverted to other gardeners. By always being in direct contact, a Top Cut franchise owner can stay in touch with customers for a long-term lasting customer relationship. Best of all, there are NO lead fees to be paid!

Every Top Cut gardener is provided with a comprehensive set of high-quality tools and equipment, including a double axle trailer in order to provide an efficient professional service. A Top Cut franchisee will permanently own all of this equipment instead of constantly paying rent like how other gardening franchises charge.

At Top Cut, no gardener needs to feel isolated in the business. There is easy access to training and ongoing support from Top Cut. Every Top Cut franchise owner has an equal opportunity for promotions in advertising and is provided with a range of marketing materials such as a customised webpage, fridge magnets, and flyers.

Gardeners have trusted Top Cut and have been associated with this trademarked brand for many years. The reason for this unwavering loyalty is because Top Cut does not make false promises, nor does it mislead franchise owners with dodgy too-good-to-be-true information. For Top Cut, building a lasting and mutually benefitting relationship is a top priority.

Gardening Franchise Comparison

 Top Cut Lawn Mowing Franchise Another Leading Lawn Mowing Franchise
$35,000 $41,000 ($25,000 + $16,000 rental)
Own all essential equipment
including double axle trailer
$16,000 Rental of minimum equipment
including single axle trailer
No franchise fee for 2 years
thereafter less than $55 per week. Includes advertising.
Franchise fee $175 per week
No lead fees – direct customer contact Lead fees part of the franchise fee
No income guarantee 6 month Income guarantee.
$1500 per week “without conditions” is misleading
2 year commitment 5 year commitment
Unlimited income potential with advertisements containing your direct contact details
Work limited to leads from the franchisor

When compared over the first five years, our competitors charge $86,500 ($25,000 package fee + $16,000 + $45,500 franchise fees), while Top Cut’s fees total $43,388 ($35,000 package fee + $8,388 franchise fees).

In conclusion, there is a saving of $43,112 with a Top Cut Franchise.

The above comparison was carried out on 4 May 2022

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