Grass Laying: It’s a Turf Job – And We’re the Ones to Do It!

Love that Golf Course Look

Grass laying for an immaculate lawn requires getting several things right, including tools, technique and, most importantly, timing! For the outdoors area to complement your beautiful home, you want that velvety, lush look of a golf course.

At Top Cut, we realise that your time is valuable. Leave the grind to us, and we’ll make sure that you have a dream-come-true lawn. Be it a fun romp with the dog, a spot of sunbathing, or a relaxed family barbie, we’ll give you a lawn that is the perfect place for you to unwind.

Grass Laying Logistics

Should you opt for grass seed or rolled turf? Would a single type of grass work best, or a mix? Not all grass is the same, and Australia is home to over 1,300 native and naturalized varieties of grass! For that patch in your yard that never sees the sun, a shade-tolerant cultivar like Sir Walter Buffalo might be ideal, whereas Nullarbor Couch would fare well in that sun-scorched section. If you are after pet safety, Eureka Kikuyu would be a good bet, since its dense, weed resistant thatch doesn’t require applying herbicide regularly.

What about soil pH – does your yard have acidic soil or alkaline? How saline is the water used in your garden? For your lawn to grow optimally, it would be essential to create ideal soil conditions. Amendments like sphagnum peat moss or liming would help increase the pH of acidic soil. Proper tilling and grading would improve soil porosity and drainage. Additionally, if you have a waterfront property, or live somewhere with a high salinity water supply, a salt-tolerant cultivar like Nara Native Zoysia might give you the best results.

It’s Expert Turf for Top Cut

You’re looking for professionals who can provide the best value for your money. You worry whether you’ll end up with a lawn sporting scraggly grass, weeds and bald patches. Having rescued lawns in a similar condition for clients whose previous arrangements didn’t work out, we understand your concerns. Our guarantee is simple – we put your lawn first!

At Top Cut, we begin by profiling the unique requirements of your lawn area. Then, we combine careful preparation of the area with a judicious selection of grass varieties, followed by meticulous installation (or planting). Whether in preparing your soil using an aerator and a high-phosphorous fertilizer, or filling in the tiny gaps at the edges of your turf area with grass seeds for a smoothly finished lawn, or using multi-directional rolling to maximize soil contact for the newly laid turf, the professionals at Top Cut go all out. The end result is a lawn that you will be proud to show off to your friends and colleagues.

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