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Premier Quality Landscaping at Affordable Rates

At Top Cut Landscaping, we believe that the benefits that come with a garden – a spot for relaxing with family and friends, a quick escape to regain peace of mind, a showcase for the home you love… should be for everyone, not just those with bottomless pockets. That’s why we offer Melbourne residents our best landscape gardeners at very cost-effective rates.

How we work

You know that the right landscaping touches could transform your garden into a real ripper. Whether you want a rock garden design dotted with succulents like aloe and blue chalk sticks, or a natural screen of ornamental grasses mixed with perennial flowers for a secluded, resort-style feel to your patio, Top Cut will help you position and plant it all to perfection.

Just give us a brief description of the project and budget you have in mind, and Top Cut will connect you with a landscape gardener in our franchise from within metropolitan Melbourne.

Our professionals help you every step of the way in creating an ace garden, one that complements your personality, highlights the beauty of your home, and goes easy on your wallet. We’re fully insured and police-checked, and all landscape gardeners in our franchise share the same values in providing a prompt, polite and professional service.

What we offer

We appreciate that your current budget outlay might not include major landscape design investments or year-round maintenance. That’s why, in addition to the overview of our landscaping services below, we have a separate section on landscape gardening tips and tricks that you may find helpful in streamlining your landscape planning.

Project Preparation

  • Analysis + Quote (FREE!)
  • First Site Visit
  • Specialised Greenscaping: Expert Referral

Landscape Gardening

  • Potting & Planting
  • Lawn/Turf Laying & Manicuring
  • Flower & Hedge Bordering
  • Plant Bed Laying
  • Minor Hardscaping

Post-Project Maintenance

  • Lawn Maintenance (Mowing & Slashing)
  • Weeding
  • Tree Trimming, Hedge Pruning & Topiary
  • Garden Clean-Up (Deadwood Removal, Leaf Litter Clearing, etc.)

Helpful hints for a great landscaped garden

Are you a traditionalist when it comes to landscape construction? Do you envision contoured flower-beds, vine-covered arbours, or even a maze? Or do you favour the ‘less is more’, contemporary garden design approach? “Just a few touch-ups would revitalise my garden – a fresh sprinkling of mulch, a little topiary work on my trees, an interesting rock or two, and Bob’s your uncle!”

Perhaps square footage for your garden is at a premium. Or the soil in your area is less than ideal for planting. Maybe you’re passionate about the local eco-system, and you want your garden to be a part of it. And how about budgeting – what are your top concerns there?

Whatever your priorities and preferences, even if it is limited to front yard landscaping or a small backyard design, we recommend that you take a few minutes to read through our page on tips for beautiful landscaping. It can serve as a great starting point for your landscaping project.

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