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The Importance of Regular Lawn Mowing

From the obvious cosmetic improvements to the positive health of your lawn, there are a host of benefits to having your lawn regularly mowed.

First, the overall appeal of your house and land significantly increases with a freshly mowed lawn. Whether you are an experienced landlord, a proud homeowner, looking to sell in the near future, or just trying to keep up with your neighbours- this is reason enough to have your lawn well maintained by Top Cut Lawn Mowing.

Regular lawn mowing is the best way to take care of your grass. Obviously, it keeps the grass level, but did you know that with a levelled lawn, all sun and rain properties distribute evenly over your yard, keeping your grass in the best of health? Consistency is key for a lush lawn, and to keep pests at bay. Rodents, snakes and your regular bugs love hiding out in tall, dry grass. Don’t give them the chance to come near your lawn and home! Let Top Cut Lawn Mowing recreate your viridescent lawn, while you relax and enjoy it year-round.

The last benefit we would like to mention (while there are many more), is that regular lawn mowing provides your grass with its very own fertiliser. This saves you both time and money. Fallen shoots of grass decompose quickly and return to the soil, bring new life and vitality to your lawn. Even if you do request cut grass to be bagged and disposed of, the small amount remaining will do wonders for the health of your lawn.

What we offer

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even one-off services. All our franchisees are equipped with quality mowers and all tools required to recreate your lawn. Many of our franchisees are also equipped with ride-on mowers, for those larger blocks of land.

Here at Top Cut Lawn Mowing, all franchisees have had specialised and professional training. Franchisees are fully insured and are police checked- ensuring safe and expert services to you.

Top Cut Lawn Mowing provides lawn mowing services to all garden sizes:

  • Unit or apartment
  • Townhouse or duplex
  • Home
  • Acreage
  • Commercial

Regular cut lawns are cut every:

  • 2-3 weeks (Spring & Summer)
  • 3-4 weeks (Autumn)
  • 4-6 weeks (Winter)


At Top Cut Lawn Mowing, we are all about providing the best service for our clients, at the best possible rate.

A regular cut lawn for a unit or small property costs $60-70, and a regular cut lawn for a standard house costs $70-$80. As lawns vary in size, we will gladly provide an estimate based on a photo of your lawn in its current state.

Edging and blowing are included at no extra cost. If the grass is overgrown, we will provide a quotation.

We use your green bin to dispose of garden waste, otherwise, provide lawn bags costing $2 per bag. A $10 removal fee applies per bag. Alternatively, a 7×5 trailer load of removal costs $200 which includes waste disposal fees at the tip.

Sort out your outdoor space, contact Top Cut today!

We’ll provide a quote free of charge, and we will provide the best possible job for you and your garden. Our franchisees are fully insured and are police checked for your peace of mind. We look forward to hearing from you!