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Post-holiday garden care tips

This time of the year marks the end of holidays, and our return to routine life. The weeks of festivities and vacation may have caused a few things to take a back seat, like taking care of your garden.

Here are a few easy tips if your garden is looking drab after the holidays. Follow these and restore your garden to its former glory in no time.

Remove the deadhead

Post-vacation your garden might look unkempt and untidy. Start with cleaning the garden and removing dead flowers and leaves.

An overall clean-up of the garden will help in the growth of new flowers and it will instantly make your garden look so much alive. Also, this is the perfect way to discover new spaces for new plants.

Get weeding

Weeds are majorly responsible for a shabby look of a garden. They grow fast and become breeding grounds for all kinds of pests. Weeds block the growth of plants by competing for resources.

Once you are back home, do try to make time for weeding. You can get rid of the weeds manually by using a garden fork or a hand trowel or you could spray them with weed killer.

If the weed growth is out of hand then it’s advised to call an expert like your local Top Cut gardener to remove the weeds effectively.

Abundance of water

Not all of us are blessed with kind neighbours who volunteer to water our plants when we are away holidaying. So it’s imperative that you give your garden plenty of water once you return to make up for the moisture loss.

After you are done removing weeds and deadheads from your garden, water your plants really well. Direct water to the roots by using a soaker hose, watering can or wand for deep moisturizing of the roots.

Add layers of mulch

If you have returned to a garden that looks fairly dull and lifeless, then add a protective layer of mulch. You can use compost or shredded leaves to create a mulch that will retain moisture and also reduce weed growth.

Plan for the new season

Clearing up the garden will give you some extra space to plant new flowers and vegetables. Keeping the upcoming season in mind, start planning. Decide on the plants you want to add to your garden.

While deciding on the plants, keep a few things in mind like the size and shape of the plant, maintenance, flowering time and soil quality of your garden.

If you are pressed for time with the return to work and back to school, then your friendly neighbourhood Top Cut gardener will always be glad to assist