The Top Cut Franchise: Only $10,000 deposit balance interest-free

If there’s one thing an Aussie likes more than being outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine, it’s being his (or her) own boss! Now you can do both – by becoming a gardener who is part of the Top Cut franchise.

With as little as a $10K deposit, you can own your own gardening business that brings in $5,000 – $16,000 a month! You don’t even have to invest in a lot of equipment – professional gardening tools, an expensive trailer, or customized uniforms. Top Cut takes care of all that for you.

Tell Me More… What Does a Top Cut Franchise Gardener Do?

At Top Cut Lawn Mowing, we take pride in providing top quality garden care services to meet a homeowner’s every need, including:-

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Pruning (Shrubbery, Hedges, Topiary)
  • Trimming/Cutting Small Trees
  • Gutter Cleaning and Garden Debris Removal

Over the years, our combination of punctual and professional, friendly and reliable service has built up a community of loyal customers. As a Top Cut franchisee, you can benefit from a steady stream of work, while growing your business by taking on new clients.

Why Choose Top Cut?

There are several, solid reasons why Top Cut should be your first choice when considering a gardening franchise:-

  • Zero ‘Lead Fee’ & Commission: Top Cut puts you in direct contact with customers. Naturally, this cuts out the middleman’s lead fees and commissions, so you get to keep your hard-earned $$$!
  • Two-week Training Programme: At Top Cut, we know that nothing can substitute for a thorough job, well done. That’s why we’re the only outfit that insists that our franchisees undergo a rigorous, two-week training programme.
  • Low Franchise Fee: The Top Cut franchise fee is simply unbeatable, a full 30% cheaper than our competitors! With a $10K deposit, you can pay the rest in interest-free weekly instalments*. 
  • Fully Equipped from the Start: As a Top Cut franchisee, you’re entitled to a very generous package, including a double-axle trailer, gardening equipment and uniforms, all with the distinctive, trademarked Top Cut logo!
  • Two Years of FREE Advertising and FREE Membership: We at Top Cut understand how challenging it can be to manage expenses when you’re a new business owner! That’s why we are offering new franchisees two years’ advertising for their budding business, completely free!
  • Business Built on Trust: Customers associate Top Cut with 100% professional integrity. Becoming a Top Cut franchisee automatically means that you’re part of a network of properly trained, fully insured, police-checked professionals for whom the number one priority is the customer’s satisfaction and peace of mind.

*Note: These terms apply to residents of the Metropolitan Melbourne area only. Conditions apply.

How do you like the idea of a business where you can set your own hours, grow your income without limit, and boost your health into the bargain?! The Top Cut gardening franchise is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for… so, go ahead and grab it with both hands!