Tips & Tricks for a Great Landscaped Garden

You’ve decided on a landscaped garden… good on ya! If you’re still undecided on the details, take a minute to read through the pointers below. It’ll help you get started on planning that project. Just one idea that inspires you can serve as the seed around which Top Cut will help you create that terrific garden!

Small Garden Tips & Tricks

Tiers of shrubs and small trees give this mini backyard garden a clean, green look. A wine cask and an old wheelbarrow make artsy garden props.

Wondering if a landscaping project can be short on space but still sweet on results? It can:

  • Upward growing trees are a great space saver, while still keeping your front yard or backyard garden cool and elegant.
    Top choices: Crepe myrtle (lagerstroemia indica), Lilly pilly (syzygium smithii), Evergreen magnolia (magnolia grandiflora), Coast banksia (banksia integriflora), European hornbeam (carpinus betulus), Ornamental pear (pyrus calleryana).
  • Multi-tiered gardens with terraces and vertical planting (wall garden) maximize the green factor, while freeing up horizontal square footage.
  • Climbers, vines and trailing plants in baskets can be used to advantage in covered areas like porches and patios.

Low-Cost Landscaping / Landscaping on a Budget

Old spare pieces of timber have been used to design this garden path. The mature wood colours offer a lovely contrast to the vivid greens amongst the shrubbery.

You’re real keen on getting the project completed on a budget. No worries, read on:

  • A strategic bit of turf (lawn) rather than a sprawl can achieve great effects. This cuts down on both landscaping and regular maintenance costs, while conserving precious water.
  • Recycle: Explore garage sales, your local beach and hiking trails for artistic landscaping touches – an old bench, a nicely-shaped piece of driftwood, aromatic pine cones.
  • Mulch and pebbles make for great fillers, covering up bald spots and creating texture in the garden.

Landscaping without Grass

Clever use of colour creates a stunning contrast between the pebble patch with its white, brown and grey, and the surrounding yellow-green privet shrubbery

Determined on a garden with no lawn? With smart planning, it can still be a beaut:

  • Intersperse sections of decking with pockets of vegetation for a soothing, green ambience. You could even use strips of decking to pave garden paths for a charming, rustic feel.
  • Colour can be used to create a striking contrast between paving or patches of pebbles, and greenery.
  • Exploit natural features such as boulders and slopes: a flower border around a large rock, and terraced beds of flowers/plants turn a mundane yard into a showy garden.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping / Drought Resistant Landscaping

Succulents like jade, sedum and echeveria create an enchanting palette of colour and form in this little suburban garden

You’re concerned that your yard is over-exposed to the elements, or gets little rain. With thoughtful plant selection, your garden can be a bonzer:

  • A native garden can be a brilliant solution! Watch out, though – not every Aussie plant or tree is suited to sunny weather and low rainfall.
    Safe choices**: Emu bush (eremophila glabra), Yellow buttons (crysocephalum apiculata), Red gum (eucalyptus ficifolia), Sweet hakea (hakea suaveolens), Gray-leaved honey myrtle (melaleuca incana), Goonangurra / grass tree (xanthorrhoea australis), various species of Grevillea (grevillea xxxxx), Plumed featherflower (verticordia plumosa).
    **All planting choices must be based on careful consideration of local soil & climate.
  • Taller, drought-resistant trees and shrubs can serve as natural parasols, shading more delicate flower-beds and plants .

Low Maintenance Landscape Garden

Height, colour and texture combine to produce an interesting effect in this piece of landscaping.

Want a garden without the yakka? We’ve got something for you, too:

  • Installing a rain-water tank and a drip system can cut out the daily watering.
  • Avoid mass planting. Using a mix of plant types brings down weeding needs.
  • Xeriscaping, which uses minimum resources to maximum advantage, is a great way of creating a low maintenance landscaped garden.

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