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Tree Cutting (Small)

While trees on your property or place of business can have many benefits such as shade and shelter, they can also pose as dangerous threats to yourself, others and your most expensive asset- your home or business. Tree cutting can be a difficult task, and should always be done by an expert.

Reasons to remove a tree

  • It is dead or unhealthy
  • It is blocking your view
  • It was damaged in a storm
  • It leans in a dangerous direction
  • It is growing close to structures
  • It has interior decay
  • It is too large for the location
  • Landscape reno’s would damage it
  • It drops large amounts of leaves, sap or branches

What we offer

At Top Cut Lawn Mowing, our professionals are experienced in cutting trees of up to three metres in height. All our franchisees are equipped with high-quality tree cutting tools, such as chainsaws, handheld pruning tools, ropes etc. We will carefully assess the tree and the surrounding area, and discuss the cutting procedure with you before beginning the task. Top Cut Lawnmowing will clean the area of debris, along with removing the cuttings from your property.

By hiring us, you can be assured that:

  • We have the skills, experience and knowledge required.
  • We will save you time.
  • We have proper, high quality and professional equipment to carry out the task.
  • Safety is our top priority and we are trained and experienced in safe tree cutting practices.

Here at Top Cut Lawn Mowing all franchisees have had specialised and professional training. Franchisees are fully insured and are police checked- ensuring safe and expert services to you.


At Top Cut Lawn Mowing, we are all about providing the best service for our clients, at the best possible rate.

Our rates for Tree Cutting range from $80-$100 plus a rubbish removal fee.

Call or email us today for a hassle-free quote.

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We’ll provide a quote free of charge, and we will provide the best possible job for you and your garden. Our franchisees are fully insured and are police checked for your peace of mind. We look forward to hearing from you!