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Weeds. They aren’t pretty and they aren’t healthy for your garden. Weeding isn’t exactly a fun task either. It is probably one of the most tedious gardening jobs, and for this reason, they can often control and take over your lawn or garden beds when left untended. At Top Cut Lawn Mowing we take care of those annoying weeds and alleviate the chance of re-growth through two methods: weed spraying, and manual (by hand and small tools) weeding.

By using two weeding measures such as spraying herbicide and manual removal, you can be sure that your lawn has long-term control measure in place against those nasty things. Manual removal is best for getting rid of individual weeds, whereas your herbicide spray can be fantastic for spot treatments.

It is important when weeding to pull out, or kill, each weed’s entire root system. Why? Well, so many weeds have an underground support system for re-growth, such as a bulb, corm, rhizome or tuber. If these support systems are not eradicated from your lawn, garden beds altogether, you can almost guarantee that it will come back to the surface for some more dreary ‘fun’. At Top Cut Lawn Mowing we assess each lawn and its weeds to determine the best solution to the problem.

Here are the advantages of two methods of weeding we use at Top Cut Lawn Mowing:

Weed spraying

  • Selective herbicide sprays ensure your wanted plants are not accidentally killed off
  • It is much easier to spray weeds than it is to manually remove them
  • Prevents topsoil erosion
  • Provides a cost-saving solution for large areas

Manual weeding

  • Completely removes individual weed, roots and all
  • Lawn and garden looks aesthetically pleasing straight away
  • Avoids accidental damage or killing of your lovely plants

What we offer

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even one-off services. All our franchisees are equipped with high-quality manual weeding tools and professional-grade herbicides- all of which are required to have a weed-free lawn and long-lasting success.

Here at Top Cut Lawn Mowing, all franchisees have had specialised and professional training. Franchisees are fully insured and are police checked- ensuring safe and expert services to you.


At Top Cut Lawn Mowing, we are all about providing the best service for our clients, at the best possible rate.

Our rates for Weeding are a minimum of $80 per hour per person.

Call or email us today for a hassle-free quote.

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We’ll provide a quote free of charge, and we will provide the best possible job for you and your garden. Our franchisees are fully insured and are police checked for your peace of mind. We look forward to hearing from you!