About Top Cut

Top Cut is a growing member-based business which is operated by several independent gardeners. We provide a wide range of gardening services to ensure your garden looks its very best. 

Over the last 20 years, Top Cut Lawn Mowing has built a strong reputation amongst our customers, while attracting valued franchisees who are keen to be part of a brand growing in its popularity. We believe in doing everything that we can for your garden, to ensure it looks wonderful and is a relaxing place that you and your family can enjoy.

Our immensely motivated gardeners work hard to provide you with the best service on behalf of the Top Cut Lawn Mowing. We systematically train our franchisees so they understand the needs of our customer base, and we ensure that they are well-equipped to deliver a professional service.

Top Cut provides consistent service to all 

Consistency is an essential element for any business model. That’s why we are insistent on the same universally high standards from every gardener that operates under our name. This means efficient garden care, with the same level of dependable customer service throughout all of our franchises.   

We are continually expanding – always on the lookout for passionate gardeners from all over Australia to join our ranks. And we regularly monitor our customer feedback to deliver an even better quality service to each and every Top Cut customer.

Our Mission is to provide a higher than expected standard of customer service that is reliable, prompt and courteous.

Our Vision is that Top Cut is a trusted well-known brand all over Australia comprising a network of professional gardeners, who are committed to continuous improvement.

Our Values are honesty, punctuality, care and respect – for our customers as well as our franchisees.

Top Cut services

At Top Cut, we provide a wide range of gardening services. These include lawn mowing, slashing, weeding, pruning, small tree cutting and topiaryWe also offer services such as clearing gutters and rubbish removal.

All of our work is carried out in a safe, trustworthy and professional way. We will always make sure that we clean up after ourselves, leaving your garden looking the best that it can.

We are here to provide you with all the gardening services that you need to help create your perfect outdoor space.

Call Top Cut today for all of your gardening needs

Whether you are looking to have your lawn mowed, or you are needing garden overgrowth cleared, our expert team are on hand to help you to get the job done.

For more information about the services that we offer, to find out about the locations we cover, or to book our services, get in touch with your local Top Cut Lawn Mowing gardener today.