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Get your block of land cleared today!

Top Cut Lawn Mowing has been in the gardening industry for over 20 years and are focused on our mission of doing a top job with your garden, proudly making us the specialists in regular lawn mowing services, hedge trimming, slashing overgrown grass, trimming of small trees and overall garden and property clean-ups.

Overgrown grass has the potential to harbour or attract vermin, rodents and reptiles! These creatures could live in overgrown grass and infest the entire property and create an unsafe environment for you and your neighbours.

A block of land is unsightly when the grass is too long and where weeds are allowed to flourish. Not only is the value of your own property diminished but the values of other properties in your neighbourhood can diminish, too, and problems of overgrown grass can create friction with your neighbours. If the issue persists, neighbours can complain to the Council and this can lead to heavy penalties and fines. Under the local law, an owner or occupier of land must ensure that their property does not become unpleasant or harmful to the general amenity of the neighbourhood. Furthermore, any landowner or occupier must take necessary precautions to ensure that their property does not create a danger to another person’s well-being or property. Top Cut Lawn Mowing has all the necessary equipment to do a professional job of maintaining your property irrespective of whether it is a small or large block of land. We at Top Cut Lawn Mowing can assist you to avoid paying any fines and ensure your property looks good at all times.

Overgrown grass can also pose a serious danger to your personal safety and the safety of your neighbours as it is a significant fire hazard. Owners of vacant blocks of land are responsible for taking all practical steps to avert the outbreak or the spread of fire by regularly clearing and maintaining the land throughout the year. If the property is deemed to be a hazard, a clean-up would be ordered and you as the landowner would be asked to pay for it. A fire hazard caused by overgrown vegetation could pose a threat to your life and the neighbourhood. The quicker you get it done, the cheaper it will be and the longer you leave it undone the more it will cost you!

You can avoid any danger to your property and to your neighbourhood by giving us a call today! Top Cut Lawn Mowing consists of gardeners who work throughout all seasons from the sunny summer days to the cold winter ones. Our specialty is a professional work ethic, expertise and experience in the industry and the attitude to always treat each job with the care it needs to ensure customer satisfaction and top-class presentation. In the image above you can see a before and after of a block of land which we serviced. The job in the image above cost the landlord $250 and was done by the Top Cut Lawn Mowing team in Mornington.