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June Gardens: Of Frosts and Frosties

With the weather turned nippy, it’s tempting to just snuggle under that doona. That’s why our list of June gardening do’s is geared to get you out and about, working up some warmth while you give your garden timely TLC (or you could stay warm under the doona and instead, call your friendly neighbourhood gardener at Top Cut)!

Beware Jack Frost…

Late-night frost-fighting is not only exhausting, but it also might not even work! Having your frames and row covers ready to hand is all-important. Then, you just need to water lightly and get the covers in place before dark. Never let the covers rest on your precious plants, mind – leave room beneath the fabric for air circulation.

Tip: A plastic jar cut in half makes a good ‘frost cap’ for a small, potted plant, while a thick layer of leaf mulch will do the trick for new plantings.

Prune and Protect

Who doesn’t feel cheered up by splashes of bright, vibrant colour in the garden through the grey winter? To prolong flowering in varieties like native Fuschia (correa reflexa), Cootamundra Wattle (acacia baileyana), Geraldton wax (chamelaucium uncinatum) and old man Banksia (banksia serrata), simply prune spent flowers. Likewise, remove spent flowering stems from Grevillea ‘Firecracker’ (grevillea alpina) to make room for the new flower heads growing behind.

Watch out for yellow, though! To stop myrtle rust from spreading in species like Geraldton wax, lemon Myrtle (backhousia citriodora) and Red flowering gum (corymbia ficifolia), destroy foliage with the bright yellow, powdery spores on the undersides. And preventing yellowing leaf tips in waxflowers and banksias struggling to absorb iron from the frozen ground requires applying iron chelate supplements.

Beer-Traps: The Road to Bug Heaven

Slugs and snails can be a gardener’s pet peeves this month. Luckily, it turns out that they’re suckers for a good frostie! So, follow these simple steps to build your own beer trap, and send those pesky bugs off to The Garden Beyond!

Don't forget, we at Top Cut are always here to assist with your gardening needs