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Tis the season of Garden Cleanup

Summer is here at last, and Christmas is just round the corner! This calls for celebrations and barbecue parties, and you definitely want your garden to look its best.
Also, our Australian summers are notorious for bringing snakes, pests, insects etc. to your garden. The only solution to this problem is a complete cleanup of the garden.

The Garden Cleanup Essentials

The market is filled with garden cleanup kits that have all the tools you will need for a rigorous cleaning ritual. It’s best to opt for a kit so that you get all the tools together. The basic tools that you will require for cleaning your garden are:

  • Gloves
  • Bag
  • Weeder
  • Rake
  • Secateurs
  • Lopper
  • Trimmer
  • Garden Hose with adjustable nozzle

Before you start your garden cleanup, it is advised to plan it step by step. A good cleanup can take lots of time, so it is best you divide the task into small jobs and spread it across two days.

Steps to Cleanup Your Garden

Below are a few steps that will help you clean up your garden and prepare it for the summer festivities.

1. Trimming

Overgrown, dead and damaged branches make your garden look untidy. Start by trimming them and also pruning overgrown beds so that there’s space for the growth of new plants. Trimming will help your plants to get back to their original size.

2. Fertilizer for a healthy garden

Make fertilizer a part of your cleanup routine. Adding fertilizer will make sure that your garden gets all the nutrients that it needs to put up with the hot summer. To know which fertilizer will be best for your garden, it is always recommended to seek professional help.

3. Tidy up

Get rid of dead foliage and also remove the unusable mulch. Don’t forget to weed your garden as it affects how much nutrient reaches your plant. A thorough cleanup around your plants is as important as trimming. Untidy surroundings can stunt the growth of new plants.

4. Add Mulch

Mulching benefits the garden in many ways. Do add a fresh coat of mulch to your garden for lowering the temperature of the roots (a must during summer). Also, mulching helps in conserving water and keeping the weeds in check.

5. Pest Control

Summer is the time when pests look for food, shelter and breeding spots. So, be sure to clear your garden of all unnecessary items. After you are done with the cleanup, it is always better to spray pesticide for safety measures.

A garden cleanup is a time-consuming job but it is totally worth it when your garden looks like a million bucks and you proudly show it off to your friends and family. If you want the cleanup to be more thorough, then reach out to professionals like Top Cut who offer a variety of gardening services.

Don't forget, we at Top Cut are always here to assist with your gardening needs