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Springtime Gardens, Come September

Scented air and satin petals in shades of cream and pink stun your senses, as the garden fills with almond, cherry and plum blossoms. Even as you enjoy budding, blooming spring, you know there’s much to do. So here are a few useful hints on must-dos to keep that garden gorgeous through the season:

Warmth is the Watchword

Beware, the balmy air could mislead you into planting directly into the cold soil! Play it safe, plant in punnets or pots, and use glasshouses – clear plastic cheap-Chucks will do!

For a riot of colours that lasts from mid-spring all the way through summer, try a mix of cheerful varieties like Granny’s bonnet (Aquilegia vulgaris, also called Columbine) or Petunias (Petunia ×atkinsiana), feathery and elegant celosia (Celosia argentea, aka Cock’s comb) or Victoria blue (Salvia farinacea), and tall, clustered blooms like snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) or foxglove (Digitalis purpurea).

Citrus Care

Timing is especially crucial in caring for your precious citrus. Wait until the end of the month before you apply fertilizer, whether for native (Australian Finger lime, Citrus australasica) or imported varieties like lemon and orange. Early spring feeding may result in sappy growth that attracts Citrus gall wasp. (If you’re already needing to deal with this menace, watch the video linked below for a natural remedy.)



Turn Weed into Feed

This is the right time to get at those annoying weeds. Leave them any later, and they’ll take over your lawn and garden by summer! Just pull them out, bung them in a bucket of water and put a lid on. Then, in a few weeks, you’ll have a nice, nutritious tea for the trees… a pongy one, mind!

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