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Time to prune the roses!

Roses are a fantastic addition to your garden. The scented bloom along with a dash of bright colours make them desirable. In Australia, the beginning of August is the perfect time to prune when the roses are about to bloom.

You might wonder, why bother with pruning at all? For roses and most plants, pruning is what controls the size of the bush and enhances production and growth.

What do you need for pruning?

For pruning, you need normal garden gloves, clean and sharp secateurs, and lime sulphur to control insects

10 quick tips to keep in mind while pruning

  1. New growth starts on the growth eye (or growth bud). So, you must cut slightly above the growth eye.
  2. Always start by removing the oldest and grey-looking branches.
  3. While pruning, look from different angles to find more dead branches to prune.
  4. Cutting a branch at a 45-degree angle minimizes the risk of fungal disease from rain and dew.
  5. Wait for three weeks after pruning to fertilize.
  6. While trimming climbing roses, go for the lateral canes and not for the main canes that grow from the plant’s base.
  7. Replace supporting ties as they may have tightened around the stem which can reduce the sap flow, stunting the growth of the rose.
  8. When you cut a stem, a healthy bud below the cut will become activated and start to grow. The direction that this bud faces will be the direction of new growth, so always prune to an outward-facing bud to achieve an outward-growing branch.
  9. Burn the clippings after pruning to stop the spread of disease. This will prevent any further spread in case the roses had black spots or mildew.
  10. After pruning, spray the rose plant with lime sulphur to eliminate any possibility of mildew and black spots.

Pruning is necessary to ensure a healthy bloom and to keep your rose bush neat. It is a simple task that requires the basic minimum gardening tools. If you want to give your roses the best of care, then contact the experts at Top Cut – who offer a range of gardening services including pruning.

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