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Make your garden Autumn-ready

Autumn is the season when every corner in Australia looks like a snapshot out of a postcard. There’s no reason why your garden shouldn’t take advantage of the pleasant weather and look its best.

Below is a list of things you can do to get your garden ready for Autumn.

Add colours to your garden

Autumn is the best time for adding some colours to your garden. Pansies, calendula, winter viola, carnations – the possibilities are unlimited. The cool temperature along with warm and moist soil makes Autumn perfect for planting flowers.

Pay attention to the soil

After a scorching Summer, your garden deserves special care. Enrich your soil by adding compost, manure, or a well-balanced fertiliser. Before planting new trees, you must check your soil and give it a boost.

Trim and prune

Autumn is a season for planting new trees. So, trimming and pruning is a must. Trimming will make your garden look well-maintained and pruning will stimulate growth.

Plant veggies

If you want to enjoy winter vegetables then you must plant them during Autumn. This allows the seeds enough time to get the required nourishment and grow well.

Grow new plants from cuttings

Look for a root node along the stem of a plant, then snip your cutting just below the node. Place your cutting in clean water and wait for roots to grow. Once the roots are about 8cm long, the cutting can be planted. If you do this in Autumn then by Spring you will see the result.

Autumn gives the opportunity to see your garden in all its glory. All it needs is special care. Contact your nearest Top Cut gardener for expert lawn and garden care.

Don't forget, we at Top Cut are always here to assist with your gardening needs