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Gardening for the Mildness of May

Balmy days and crisp nights make May a busy time for Melbourne gardeners. There’s a lot to do, so here are our recommendations.

Mulch, mulch, everywhere…

Nothing can prep your garden for spring better than a generous layer of mulch. After a good watering, lay down some locally sourced, organic mulch, keeping it an average of about 70mm thick. The mulch will protect your plants from frost, while it slowly breaks down to enrich the soil beneath, wowing you with spectacular springtime garden growth!

Colour in the winter!

Muted vegetation can combine with grey skies and wet weather to make winter seem drab and gloomy. Clever planting choices in May can jazz up your garden with bright splashes of colour from cold-tolerant varieties like native Fuchsia (correa reflexa) and Grevillea ‘Firecracker’ (grevillea alpina), creepers like Happy wanderer (hardenbergia), as well as potted beauties like Pansies (viola tricolor var. hortensis) and Polyanthus (primula polyanthus).

Water wisely and well

Overnight frosts can be a gardener’s nightmare. To reduce the risk of your prized plants freezing as night temperatures plummet, water in the warm morning hours, giving them a good, deep draught a couple of times a week, rather than a daily sprinkle.

A good cuppa’s hard to beat

Who doesn’t like a good, strong cuppa? Your garden’s no different, and a nourishing seaweed tea will go a long way in fortifying your plants for the long winter ahead. The bit of yakka it takes to brew that tea will be totally worth it!

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