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Grow vegetables like a pro this winter

The joy of growing your food is perhaps one of the best things in the world! It is loaded with health benefits and you get to decide what pesticide or fertilizer to use. It’s not only more nutritious but you also end up saving lots of money.

Winter in Australia is different across the regions – Queensland experiences mostly mild winter, whereas it is quite cold on the central coast of New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania.

Winter Gardening for warmer regions

In colder regions, the soil is cooler making sowing and planting new crops difficult. You can however divide and replant crowns for plants like Globe artichoke, Asparagus and Horseradish.

To ensure your plants get enough sunlight during winter, you can create a makeshift greenhouse using some stakes and plastic sheeting. You can place the greenhouse over your plants to protect them overnight, then remove it during the day. It is recommended that you water the plants only during the day.

Winter Gardening for warmer regions

The soil in warmer regions can retain most of the warmth from the sun absorbed during the day. In warmer regions, mid-winter is considered to be a great time to sow vegetables.

You can sow the seeds of carrot, spinach, lettuce, beans, and green onions directly into the soil. Adding compost and manure will ensure that the soil in your garden is healthy for a good harvest.

No matter where you live in Australia, winter brings with it some challenges as well exciting possibilities. If you want experts to care for your garden, then simply call Top Cut for professional lawn and garden care.

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