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Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters

Time-consuming, messy, gross, tedious. These words come to mind when people are asked to describe the task of cleaning out their gutters. Gutter cleaning is one of those house chores that you could almost get away with neglecting, if it wasn’t going to come back as an expensive repair later down the track.

Cleaning your gutters can be a dangerous task. In fact, it has been labelled the most dangerous DIY home chore on several websites. Ladders being extended past their intended usage, inexperienced cleaners, and no insurance, are some of the reasons why your future gutter cleans should be left to the experts.

Top Cut Lawn Mowing are experts in single-storey gutter cleaning and here is why:

  1. We clean your gutter by hand. Sure, other methods may seem more effective, but unless someone is up there looking at your gutters with their very own eyes, how can they be sure they are completely clear? If you have a gutter guard, then cleaning by hand is the only way to go.
  2. Mess on our hands, but not on your house. As a homeowner, we are sure you would prefer the black sludge and moss to be on one of our professional’s hands than on your sidewalk, walls and windows. Unfortunately, this is what often happens with blowing methods. By using our hands, we can control where the mess goes, ensuring piles of leaves, sludge and moss don’t end up clogging your downpipes or in a heap on the ground. Gross.
  3. We are fully insured. That’s right. This is a rarity among contractors so be careful and check a company’s insurance before hiring them to do the job.

What we offer

We offer thorough, cost-effective, high-quality gutter cleans on most single-storey homes. We carry out gutter cleans by hand, to ensure nothing has been missed. If you have a gutter guard, this isn’t a worry for the Top Cut Lawn Mowing professional as they will lift the gutter guard product, clean your gutters and then reinstall it.

Here at Top Cut Lawn Mowing, all franchisees have had specialised and professional training. Franchisees are fully insured and are police checked- ensuring safe and expert services to you.


At Top Cut Lawn Mowing, we are all about providing the best service for our clients, at the best possible rate.

Our rates for Gutter Cleaning range from $200-$300.

Call or email us today for your hassle-free quote.

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We’ll provide a quote free of charge, and we will provide the best possible job for you and your garden. Our franchisees are fully insured and are police checked for your peace of mind. We look forward to hearing from you!