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The Australian Summer Checklist

For some, their garden is a thing of pride and joy. From flaunting it to friends and family to uploading gorgeous pictures of the latest bloom, they love their garden.

To keep your garden looking beautiful during this hot, Australian summer, here’s a list of things you must do:

Keep the weed at bay

Heavy weed growth robs plants of soil nitrogen and moisture that are essential for their growth. So, frequent weeding is a must, or else the weed growth will get out of hand leading to an unkempt garden with dried-up plants.

Shelter plants from the heat

Many plants are heat-sensitive and suffer moisture loss through their leaves during the scorching summer. Create a shelter or if they are potted plants, place them in the shade so they are less exposed to the heat.

Prune away

Like weeding, pruning is a must if you want a well-kept garden in summer. Light pruning in summer allows more light penetration and enables better fruit growth.

Water deeply

Water dries quickly at the soil surface during the hot months; hence, you should water your plants longer so that your precious garden doesn’t succumb to the scorching heat. 

Choose to water during the time of the day when there’s no direct sunlight falling on your plants.

Go mulching

Mulching has several advantages that make it essential during summer. A mulch helps retain moisture within the soil. It also acts as a protective layer that protects plants, especially tiny seedlings from the harsh sun. Mulching keeps the soil temperature in check and also reduces weed growth.

If the scorching heat makes it difficult to look after your garden, just call Top Cut – the gardening experts who will give your garden the care it deserves.

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