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Top 5 flowers to plant in Autumn

Autumn is the best time to plant flowers in your garden. Planting during this season gives the flowers enough time to grow and get their roots to penetrate deep into the soil. Here are the top five flowers that can be planted in autumn.

1) Alyssum

Alyssum is a fast-growing plant that can tolerate light frost. Plant it in autumn when the climate is mild and the sun is pleasant.

2) Pansies & Violas

Planting pansies and violas during autumn will ensure they grow during the cooler months and bloom fully during summer, making your garden look lively.

3) Hibiscus

Evergreen hibiscus can be planted anytime during the year, but deciduous hibiscus (hibiscus that sheds its leaves annually), should be planted during autumn so that the roots get a better hold in the soil before the winter sets in.

4) Hyacinth

Hyacinth smells heavenly and can be used to decorate both, within indoors as well as outdoors. You can easily plant hyacinth bulbs in your garden or pots. This flower grows well in a cool to a mild climate, making autumn the ideal time to plant.

5) Freesia

Freesia comes in vibrant shades of white, red, yellow, cream, pink and purple. Grown from bulbs, this flower prefers a sunny spot with a little shade. Planting Freesia bulbs in autumn will make sure your garden has a full bloom in late winter.

Apart from the above-mentioned flowers, you can also plant daffodil, tulip, jonquil and primrose. The cool temperature of autumn and a little bit of expert care will ensure your garden is the best in the neighbourhood! Contact your nearest Top Cut gardener for professional lawn and garden care.

Don't forget, we at Top Cut are always here to assist with your gardening needs