Frequently Asked Questions

Top Cut Lawn Mowing Franchise

Yes franchise opportunities are available in many areas. We have people of all ages, life style stages, backgrounds and experiences within the Top Cut Lawn Mowing team. Each has his/her own objectives for being a franchisee whether it is to generate income, pay a few bills, free up time or simply to keep busy. Some team members just like the freedom of being in control of their own destiny while working in a team that looks after each other. A Top Cut Lawn Mowing franchise might be the perfect opportunity for you too.

It is easy to apply to become a Top Cut Lawn Mowing franchisee. You can apply online by completing an application form. However for the application to proceed we do ask for a deposit of $300. 

The reason we ask for this deposit is simply to cover the cost of the documentation. We provide you with the actual Top Cut Lawn Mowing franchise agreement and appendices once the deposit is received. We do this so you can see exactly what you get for your investment and what you are signing for before committing to moving forward. This allows you to get legal and/or financial advice before completing the application process. We like to keep the process so you can make the right decision to suit your goals and needs.

This deposit is deducted from the purchase price of the Top Cut Lawn Mowing franchise when you proceed. If you decide not to proceed then this deposit is non refundable.

All Top Cut Lawn Mowing franchisees have clean Police checks. You will need to apply for and provide a copy of your own Police check. This can be done online with the report sent to your email address.

Once the application is under way and in discussions with the franchisor, a suitable base area will be agreed. This will then fit into the Top Cut Lawn Mowing naming convention to form an approved business name. You will then need to apply for and setup a business name and register this with ASIC. This may be a sole operator, a Pty Ltd company or other registration and can be applied for and completed online. If needed, your accountant or legal advisor should be able to help.

The Top Cut Lawn Mowing packages include the purchase of trailer, equipment and a selection of disposables like whipper snipper cord to get you started. It also includes all costs for your first year including:

  • Insurances (Public Liability)
  • Trailer registration
  • Top Cut Lawn Mowing annual membership fee
  • Advertising costs (first year)
  • Personalised business cards including fridge magnet style business cards.
  • Promotional letterbox flyers/leaflets

There are options to buy established customer listings (if available) to get you up and running quickly if required. Simply talk to the franchisor during the application process.

Equipment packages are available based on your needs and financial means including the following:

  • Utility Packages
  • Single Axle Trailers
  • Dual Axle Trailers
  • Dual Axle Tipper Trailers

We only use the best, safest and most proven equipment based on what works best for our team. Our preferred equipment includes – Honda Self Propelled 21.6 inch cut Mowers, Honda or Stihl Whipper Snippers, Husqvana Hedgers and Garden Wolf Hand Tools. From time to time this equipment will change according to technology and performance standards. We only want you to have the best, safest and most reliable equipment.

The appendices within the documents that you receive once the deposit is paid will detail the equipment listing for each package.

There is only one annual Top Cut Lawn Mowing membership fee payable on every anniversary. This will be invoiced from Top Cut Lawn Mowing direct to you and is payable within 7 days of invoice date. This is also detailed in the Top Cut Lawn Mowing agreement.

Each month we contribute to the business advertising with a monthly co-operative advertising fee. This fee is a little more than the cost you charge for a single Lawn Mowing job, which proves to be very reasonable in value.

Of course you will have the ongoing costs of fuel, oil, whipper snipper cord, weed poison and such, as well as public liability insurance which you must pay direct to the insurance company.

The business of garden care and maintenance is seasonal and is subject to suitable weather conditions.  Based on what you want to achieve there is potential for you to earn well in excess of $100,000 or more per annum. 

Some of our team are simply enjoying the freedom and lifestyle and earning $50,000 to $70,000 per annum while others are earning over $200,000 per year. It really is up to you. The more you want to earn and the more you are able to work then the results are within your grasp.

In the quieter months lawns are mowed with less frequency so your cash flow management is important. However grass continues to grow and there are many opportunities for additional work during this off season. It really is up to how hard you wish to work. Many Top Cut Lawn Mowing team members use this quieter time for some holidays to have that well earned break from a hectic growing season.

We work as a co-operative franchise team. This means when you want to go on leave, our other team members will try and cover your customers for you. They remain your customers but we service them on your behalf while you have a break. We really are a team working separately but as a team to help one another.

We get you to use your equipment and/or the trainer’s equipment on real customers’ properties so you build knowledge, familiarity and experience before going it alone.

We even train you in customer record keeping and accurate quotations so you learn how to charge the right amount for the right job.

Even when you are out and about by yourself, helpful team members are usually only a short distance or phone call away. On large jobs team members often work together to help one another about.

It’s all up to the individual franchisee. Some work 5 days, most of us work 6 days Monday to Saturday. All depending on your financial requirements. Top Cut Lawn Mowing is run as a membership based business therefore you have more freedom than with any other franchise to accommodate your lifestyle. Also Top Cut Lawn Mowing allow you to manage your customers without a call centre and lead fee. You have the full control of your franchise.